Pistol Pop-up Match


Despite the fog, heavy mist and threat of rain, 108 shooters came out to Camp Perry on March 24, 2007 to shoot in the first Friends of Camp Perry Combat Pistol Shoot of the season. With temperatures hovering in the upper 50's (and low 60's as the day wore on) these avid shooters shot 265 times in 27 relays to engage targets from 7 meters (23 feet) to 31 meters (101 feet) away from the firing points. For those of you who have never shot this type of match, the match involves shooting at human size 3-D targets at distances ranging from 7 to 31 meters. The targets pop up from behind earthen mounds in a random (as far as the shooter is concerned) sequence. Everything from .22 Rugers to .45ACP revolvers were seen on the line. Guns with and without optics were used, and yes, one shooter even used cap and ball black powder revolvers, what till you see pictures of this! Some stages even provided multiple simultaneous target engagements.

Target layout from the shooter's perspective.

Here's what those rascals look like up close and personal!

Eager shooters were waiting in line to sign in at 8AM, even though firing did not begin until 9!

And, of course, the mandatory safety briefing.
Now, let's get ready to shoot!
Low end view of the line.
High end view of the line.
Note the fog in these pictures, it made it interesting for the longer distance targets when a couple of banks rolled in off the lake late morning!
Here's a junior shooter with a .22 Ruger.
Revolver with optics, and lots of moon clips.

Hey, did Gen. MacArthur return to Camp Perry?

Even the women were having fun!
Shooters waiting with anticipation for their turn at the line.
This shooter came well equipped!
Another 1911.
Here's a lefty with his trusty 9mm Glock.
OK, what did I shoot and do I have enough ammo for another relay?
1911s with optics.
An over the shoulder view going after that 31 meter target.
OK, which one do I shoot first?
OK, I know you've been waiting for this one. Here's the black powder guy's revolvers lined up and ready to go. Yeah, that's right, there are 10 of them there!
Here he is in action, luckily I was upwind!
Want to see a QuickTime movie of our cowboy shooter? Click here. QuickTime player required to view.
Ear to ear grins were seen on most shooter's faces as they left the line looking for more ammo to shoot another relay and improve their scores.
Speaking of scores, click here to check them out!

The Friends of Camp Perry would like to extend a thank you to the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association (ORPA) and the Camp Perry staff for their assistance in making this event happen!

Rev. 4/1/07