Pistol Pop-up Match


Saturday March 3, 2016 was a clear, cool breezy day to do battle with the pop up targets. Temperatures were in the low 40's and the wind off the lake made a chilly spring day. We had 135 shooters attend shooting 43 relays for a toal of 427 times. Shooting started at 0900 and ran until 1515 (3:15PM) which made for another long day. A fairly large contingent from Michigan came down and a quite a few new shooters stopped by to try their hand as well as our regular shooters. The Capone boys came in from Chicago and both Aug Bros. showed up with their offspring! It was impressive to see folks signing up for 7, 8 and even 10 relays!
Ah yes, the registration line, waiting patiently to get squadded by the lovely and talented Gwen and Annette
The line wrapped around the room!
By the control tower, waiting to shoot.
Our ever vigilent SOs, watching the line.
Aug brother #1 decided to try out his 9mm carbine.
A mid-morning view towards the high end.
Load and make ready!
Aug brother #1 going for a mid range target. Did you hit it Dave?
Hangin' back and watching the action.
Again, the ladies were not to be undone!
A two tone Glock!?
Now that's a range cart ready to rock and roll!
Targets up! There they are!!
One of the Capone boys gets ready to shoot!
Looking towards the low end, a partly cloudy sky. Beats the hell out of the weather at November's Snowflake Shoot!
Aug Brother #1's offspring tries his skills.
Meanwhile, Aug brother #2 and his daughter discuss their strategy with an on looker.
A 1911 and a sufficient number of mags ready to go!
Wheel guns and speed loaders, um, umm, umm!
The wheel guns in action!
Let's try it with a snub nose.
Here's a suppressed 1911.
Another lady trying her hand.
Brass call, remember a clean Camp Perry is a happy Camp Perry!
Aug Brother #1's son tries his hand with the 9mm carbine.
Now, that's a load of speedloaders!
Let's see how that pistol caliber carbine works!
All ready on the line!
Aug Bro #2 tries his luck with a two-tone 1911. He's been out of practice. His daughter beat him that day!
This lady did well!
Get those doubles!
Aug Bro #2's daughter shows her dad how its done!
One of the Capone boys from Chicago gets to shoot!
The other Capone boy tries his hand!
Do you believe these two drive all the way from Chicago to shoot our matches? That's dedication!!

How many relays did you shoot? A lot!!!

Afternoon view towards the high end.
This is what it's all about, getting all age groups behind the trigger!
And of course, the ladies!
Hey Steve, I thought in Chicago the sights were supposed to be on the side of the gun! Har-Har!!
The ladies were well represented this Saturday!
Figured I'd give these guys some free advertising!
Finally, one of the ROs gets to shoot!
Nothing like a .22 Ruger!
We appreciate your patience during the heavy turnouts for these shoots and thank you for your patience while waiting to register and shoot. It's you the shooters who make these matches successful to help the Friends of Camp Perry succeed in their mission!
Speaking of scores, click here to check them out!
The Friends of Camp Perry would like to extend a thank you to the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association (ORPA), and the Camp Perry staff for their assistance and support in making these events happen!
Rev. 7/4/16