Pistol Pop-up Match


Saturday April 9th 2014 was a pleasant, but chilly day to do battle with the pop-up targets. Another gorgeous cloudless blue sky greeted the shooters that came out to shoot. Here's some of the action:
Of course we had the usual 1911 shooters!
A two-tone Glock!
Wheel guns with a copius supply of speed loaders!
One of the infamous Aug brothers showing off what he can do with a revolver. How'd you do Dave??
A good turn out of the ladies showing up the guys!
View towards the high end.
...and a view towards the low end.
Targets up!
The line is ready!!!
Starting out with a single.
Now the fun begins with the doubles! Remember only 5 seconds to hit both!!
Behind the line, waiting patiently for their relay.
Keep a tight grip, and watch that recoil.
How's the red dot working?
Doubles as seen from the control tower.
Yours truly, trying to psyche out the targets. Damn, I have to lose weight!
That Rock Island 1911 sure does a good job!
Here's Larry Dan with his assortment of black powder guns and a black powder rifle.
Oh crap, got a stuck round. Time for some on-the-line repairs!!
Nice scope!
How's the new gun shooting Harv?
We appreciate your patience during the heavy turnouts for these shoots and thank you for your patience while waiting to register and shoot. It's you the shooters who make these matches successful to help the Friends of Camp Perry succeed in their mission!
Speaking of scores, click here to check them out!
The Friends of Camp Perry would like to extend a thank you to the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association (ORPA), the Camp Perry staff and the 200th RED HORSE for their assistance and support in making these events happen!
Rev. 7/4/16