Pistol Pop-up Match


Sincere apologies for the long delay in getting these pictures posted. - MEP

The day was sunny and warm for the 126 shooters that came out to shoot 37 relays.

Everyone was rarin' to go at 0800!
This is what the line looked like outside.
Just waiting to get in.
As always, there are our pesky little adversaries.
Ready on the line!
Ready on the right!
Ready on the left!
Commence fire!
one of the "Capone boys" from Chicago coaches his son!
As always, people gathered in the shelter while waiting to shoot!
FoCP President Ralph Reichman (right) discusses the courseof fire with one of fhe shooters
Those doubles are always a challenge!
Here's one of the junoir laides trying her hand.under the watchful eye of her dad.
It seemed like there wer more folks trying to challenge the course with .22s this year.
The "Capone Boys +1" pose for their semi-annual mugshot, I mean picture, at Camp Perry.
FoCP Trustee Marcia Hess tries her hand for the first time against the pop-ups with a scoped High Standard .22. Interesting back story, on her last shot, the pin that holds the barrel to the frame shattered and the barrel rolled of the front of the gun, onto the table and then onto the ground!
It's still intersting to walk the line and see what everyone is shooting.
Here's a soon to be junior shooter watching the action from behind the line with her dad.
Larry Dan keeps a watchful eye over his son as he tries to engage the targets for the first time!
Next magazine in hand and ready to go.
Speedloaders at the ready, this shooter is ready to shoot with his wheelgun!
We appreciate your patience during the heavy turnouts for these shoots and thank you for your patience while waiting to register and shoot. It's you the shooters who make these matches successful to help the Friends of Camp Perry succeed in their mission!
Speaking of scores, click here to check them out!
The Friends of Camp Perry would like to extend a thank you to the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association (ORPA), the Camp Perry staff, Col. Dean Brown and Col. Barb Clemens of CPTS and Col. Mike Skomrock of the 200th RED HORSE for their assistance and support in making these events happen!
Rev. 12/31/11