Rifle Pop-up Match


On November 25, 2006 the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association held the First Annual Modified Record Fire Shoot (aka Snowflake Shoot) for the Friends of Camp Perry. With temperatures hovering in the mid-60s there was nary a snowflake to be seen on this gorgeous sunny day in late November. 102 shooters came out to shoot 262 times in 17 relays. For those of you who have never shot this type of match, the match involves shooting at human size 3-D targets at distances ranging from 50 to 300 meters. The targets pop up from behind earthen mounds in a random (as far as the shooter is concerned) sequence. If you shoot at Camp Perry you've probably seen the mounds that straddle the high end of Viale and the low end of Young, that's where this match took place. Shooters were presented with 40 target exposures of the seven targets for five seconds each.

If you hit the target, the target drops immediately. If not, the target drops down automatically at the end of the exposure period.

Here's what one of those guys looks like up close and personal!

For those you who shot this match in the late '90's, a new twist was added this year. Multiple targets engagements. Yep, two targets would pop up, so you would have to engage one target at maybe 50 meters and a second target potentially at 300 meters, or any distances in between!

Uh oh, which one should I shoot first?

Also, the old sewer pipe foxholes are gone! Now, there are elevated, padded shooting platforms located behind the 1,000 yard firing line.

Looking towards the high end

Looking towards the low end

Each relay consisted of up to 16 shooters and shooting started promptly at 9AM. Even with 17 relays, shooting was completed by about 1:30PM.

The day's events started with the mandatory safety briefing,

Port Clinton Mayor Tom Brown (right), President of the Friends of Camp Perry, and FoCP's Chic Elum, center, listen to Camp Perry Commanding Officer Col. Chisman, left.

Since this match was a "fun" match almost anyting went as far as shooting implements:

Standard AR-15s
Tricked out CQB AR-15s with optical sights
M-1 Carbine

Any luck on those 300 meter targets?

M-1 Garand

This shooter is fully equpped!

Springfield M1903-A3

How'd that stick shift work for those multiple targets?

And, of course, the BAR!
Even the women had fun!
Also spotted on the line were a couple of FALs and a Steyer AUG! Sorry, no belt fed weapons. We have to draw the line somewhere!
Here's an over the shoulder view of the shooting lane.
OK, what was my score and do I have enough money to shoot another relay?
Speaking of scores, click here to check them out!
Another pop-up match is currently being planned for Spring 2007, so stay tuned! With any luck we may also have a match on the pop-up pistol range behind Petrarca. These matches used to provide multiple target engagements of up to four targets at distances ranging from 5 to 50 meters.

Start loading your ammo now and we'll see you in the Spring!

The Friends of Camp Perry would like to extend a thank you to the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association (ORPA) and the Camp Perry staff for their assistance in making this event happen!

Rev. 1/28/07