Rifle Pop-up Match


Despite the Thanksgiving turkey tryptophan hangovers, temperatures hovering in the low 30s and a stiff, knifelike wind out of the west, 170 or so shooters once again came out to do battle with those pesky pop-ups in 26 relays. Mother Nature gave us a few snowflakes in the air early on to maintain the "Snowflake Shoot" moniker, but the remainder of the day remained mostly cloudy with the sun attempting to make a couple of apearances. The wind proved, as anyone who has shot Camp Perry knows, to be a factor on the longer targets. An interesting observation this year, a lot more juniors on the line. Our thanks to the 200th RED HORSE for providing the heated registration and refreshment tents and Kathy Williams and her crew for providing the hot chile, hot dogs, hot chocolate and hot coffee to keep the shooters warm and fueled!
Again, there was a long of shooters waiting to register in the morning cold!
Ya know, registration starts at 0800, but a lot of folks were in line before 7!!
Filling out registration forms and getting everyone squadded.
The blue targets against that gray November sky.
The Aug Bros. were back and ready for action.
The Chicago Boys were back with a new junior shooter.
It looked like he was going to be ready for the National Matches next summer!
Another junior tries his hand under a watchful eye.
An over the shoulder view of a triple target engagement.
Interestingly enough, there were quite a few AKs and SKSs seen on the line.
Quite a few comments were heard about how well the AKs were performing.
Loading from a stripper clip with gloves can be a challenge.
This was the first time with the pop-ups for this shooter. How'd the M-1 perform Rich?
Going for that long double.
View from the tower towards the high end.
View from the tower towards the low end.
Aug Bro #1 tries his hand with his newly rebuilt FAL. Solve that stove pipe problem?
Meanwhile, Aug Bro #2 shot a 40 out of 40!
The sun finally came out, and so did the .30 caliber shooters. M-1 Garands.
Doing it offhand!
M1As of various flavors. Just a plain jane.
Scoped with camo.
Another plain jane.
Get that mag loaded Gary!
Better get that clip in!
M4s seemed to be really popular this year.
There were still plenty of ARs. Scoped.
...and unscoped.
How'd that newly built M4 work out Steve?
Here's a real assortment of rifles, and yes that's a BAR!
Here's the BAR in action.
Santa is that you? I think he was getting in a little "incognito" target practice. Delivering those toys must be getting a lot tougher!
Some of the National Guard troops wanted to get in on the fun too!
We appreciate your service to our country!
And finally, here's a real cross section of rifles that our shooters use!
Speaking of scores, click here to check them out!
The Friends of Camp Perry would like to extend a thank you to the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association (ORPA), the Camp Perry staff, the OHARNG, the 200th RED HORSE for their assistance, and of course you the shooters, in making this event happen! Monies raised by these events helps us with projects in and around Camp Perry.
Rev. 11/30/10