Rifle Pop-up Match


It was cold, gray, wet, windy (enough adjectives?) day, but we still had a decent turnout for the first rifle shoot in several years! 32 new members joined and 32 members renewed! Additionally, we a large contingent come down from Michigan to shoot.
Starting out with a standard AR-15.
To a scoped AR...
To my favorite, the M-1 Garand
A look towards the high end, note the kid in the shorts behind the line. Bet he was sorry he didn't dress for the weather!
Hey Robbie, how'd you do with your M-1 after evicting the spiders from the barrel?
Even though it was a cold day, the juniors were well represented.
With some coaching from Dad
Scoped and suppressed! Not sure the light is going to help on the 300 meter target!
There they are! The dreaded pop up targets!! At least the red and blue targets offer some contrast against the grass and sky.
Here's a shooter taking it easy with his AK!
Another AK shooter.
Here's an interesting configuration.
Hurry up with that reload!
The Capone boys drove all the way form Chicago to shoot and were dressed for the weather! That's dedication!! Steve brought his AR-10 to try out.
Another scoped AR.
An M1A shooter!
Lots of AKs on the line this time!
Here's an optimistic soul using an M-1 carbine!
Yet another AK!!
Here's a blast from the past! Aug brother #1 decied to bring out his Schmidt-Rubin and give it a try against the pop ups.
ARs with scopes definitely seemed to be the rifle of choice as evidenced by these pics!
Looking toward the tower, the rain finally let up!
Remember, 11 seconds for triple engagement!
Ahh, an M1A with a scope.
Another Garand shooter!
Most M1As I've seen in a while!!
A suppressed .308 bolt gun I nicknamed "the salami gun" from the size of the suppressor.
Don't see many M1As with bipods.
Another blast from the past. When's the last time you saw a thin barreled AR with and orginal triangular hand guard??
The salami gun in action!
Still another suppressed AR.
We appreciate your patience during the heavy turnouts for these shoots and thank you for your patience while waiting to register and shoot. It's you the shooters who make these matches successful to help the Friends of Camp Perry succeed in their mission!
Speaking of scores, click here to check them out!
The Friends of Camp Perry would like to extend a thank you to the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association (ORPA), the staff of Camp Perry and the 200th RED HORSE for their assistance and support in making these events happen!
Rev. 4/9/16