In Memorium

Steve Cortopassi

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of long time Friends of Camp Perry shooter and friend Steve Cortopassi. Steve passed away suddenly on April 23rd 2020 at his home in Wheaton, IL. Steve was better known as one of "the Capone Boys", since he and his friend Keith would drive in to Camp Perry from the wilds of the Chicago area to shoot. Steve was an avid shooter and enjoyed shooting the pop-up shoots at Camp Perry and one of the Illinois National Guard bases. I think he may have only missed a couple of Camp Perry matches in the last 20 years or so. Steve always enjoyed bringing new things to try out at Camp Perry. Case in point, the AimPoint mounted on the slide of his Glock in the picture below from several years ago. I remember a few years back Steve brought out an AK-47 to shoot the rifle pop-ups. I told him, "Yeah right, good luck hitting those 300 meter targets!" Well, with some kind of wonder whizzo tricked out barrel, he managed to shoot a 40 out of 40! Steve, Keith and I would usually meet up for dinner at the Jolly Roger in Port Clinton the Friday night before the matches to discuss the shooting sports and the woes of the world. Steve is survived by his sister Linda. Steve, you will be missed!

Rest in peace my friend.

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