Friends of Camp Perry


National Matches

FoCP will collecting brass during the National Matches to be melted down and used for new plaques in the equipment park. This is one of our 2016 projects for Camp Perry. PLEASE donate any unwanted brass to the project. We need 75 pound to do the plaques!! Collection containers will be placed along the ranges!

Something new has been added, a news page to provide general information and get information from our members.

If you haven't been getting a hardcopy newsletter, there could be two problems, one, you need to renew your membership, or, two, we have a bad address for you. The July newsletter just went out so we'll see how many get returned. I'll put a list of last names with first initials and if you find your name on the list, send me an e-mail with your current mailing address. I go through the database periodically and find what appear to be duplicates, but don't know for sure. I've tried sending out e-mails to verify addresses but never received any responses back. PLEASE when you fill out a renewal form, make sure everything is legible!

I have to apologize for the delay in getting the April Pistol pop-up pictures on the web site, I've been real busy with several other projects and have been transitioning my web work over to a new system. Please bear with me!

If you live in the Ohio area around Camp Perry, we could use your help! The Friends of Camp Perry is driven by a core of dedicated individuals, but there are only so many hours in a day. We need help with the pop-up shoots, the FNRA banquets and all the other projects we have going on. If you can help out, contact Ralph Reichman at reichmans@, or myself Mark Podany at

See you on the ranges!

Last update 7/12/16