Past Projects
People ask us what we do around and for Camp Perry. Here's a list of past projects that we've been involved with over the years.
Hosted 8 Friends of Camp Perry National Guard outings 1995-2002

Hosted 6 invitiational Matches 1996-1999

Supported the "Scope" post newspaper

Funded restoration of "The Gratitude Train"

Funded the construction of "Troop Recreation Center"

Initiated and coordinated funding for the Ohio Historical Marker

Provided multiple plantings and seasonal flowers

Conducted numerous funding projects "Coverlets"

Supported two "Eagle" breakfasts

Supported the Ohio National Guard Recruiting Program

Supported the Army and Air National Guard Family Welfare Program

Supported local Chamber of Commerce efforts on behalf of Camp Perry

Supported the "Baggage Station Restoration" project

Donated $1500 ARNG FRG Christmas Party December 2015

Donated $3000 to AFNG 200th RedHorse FRG Christmas Party 2015

Funded installation of base wide Wi-Fi for troop stationed at Camp Perry June 2016

Thanks to the dedicated shooters who donated 125+ pounds of brass for the new plaques that will be installed at the vehicle park in the fall of 2016!

Bricks are still available for the Shooter's Memorial Plaza project!
Last update 8/16/16