Pistol Pop-up Match


Even though it was a bright, sunny day, the icy, knife-like northeast wind blowing off the ice field known as Lake Erie did not deter 170 shooters from coming out to do battle with those pesky pop up targets. With temperatures hovering in the mid-30s most of the day the wind chill drove the temperatures down into the mid-20s. A total of 41 relays were shot (40 plus an extra one for the help!). Despite some minor registration glitches, shooters patiently waited their turns to take on the targets. Fueled by hot dogs, hot chili and hot coffee the shooters kept their energy levels high in preparation to shoot. At least we didn't have any fog to contend with like last year! Shooters were waiting to register at 0715! This year a new amenity was added, indoor registration which also doubled as a nice place to get out of the cold. Scores appeared a little lower this year, possibly due to some numb trigger fingers.
Registration started at 0800, let's get those forms filled out.
Now can I get squadded with my buddy?
This is what the line looked like outside the registration building. How's that donut Ken?
ORPA's Annette Reichman delivers the morning safety briefing.
Low end
High end
Shooters get ready along the line.
For a review, here's the course layout. If you watched the targets, you realized the 31 meter target was the first target to come up.
Like so:
There was the ususal assortment of firearms used. This shooter has his semi-auto outfitted with optics.
Here's a Glock shooter with a high cap magazine. How did having to do only one magazine change work for out?

Yeah, that's an ejected shell casing flying out to the rear of the gun.

Larry Shields of On Target Productions interviews CPTS CO Col Jim Chisman about the match.
General MacArthur was back.
As were the junior shooters....
This shooter was using a vintage Browning 9mm Hi-Power. Did you get the extractor issues solved?
There seemed to be a lot of mechanical problems this year, smoke stack jams, failures to extract and magazines dropping out of the guns. I hate to admit it, but I even suffered from the last malady myself at the match! There also seemed to be fewer shooters using wheel guns this year, although the shooters that came with revolvers came prepared!
Like this assortment
One with optics...
...and one without.
Here, the "Aug" brothers (check out the pics from the November '07 pop up match and you'll get the joke) stay warm with some hot chili.
These two are just hanging out before their turn to shoot.
Anyway, back to the line and the action...
Did better ammo make a difference from last year? Here's another shooter trying his luck with high cap mags.
Or, you can just make sure that you have a sufficient number of mags lined up and ready to go.
Here's one of the more unusual guns seen on the line. Yep, that's an MP5, semi-auto of course.
And not to be outdone, the ladies were out to enjoy themselves also!
And we did have some folks come in full battle dress, Swiss I believe.
Here's one of the "Aug" brothers trying his hand with a Beretta M92.
Some final shots, no pun intended...
The hot chili must have done the trick! Yeah, he's shooting the match in a t-shirt.
Decisions, decisions, which one do I go after first?
I think I got it!
Yes, our stalwart cowboy shooter Larry Dan was back out on the line with his assortment of blackpowder revolvers to engage the targets.

Click here for the movie of Larry's performance.

We're still working the bugs out for these matches, so bear with us and thanks for your patience while waiting to register and shoot. It's you the shooters who make these matches successful to help the Friends of Camp Perry succeed in their mission!
Speaking of scores, click here to check them out!
The Friends of Camp Perry would like to extend a thank you to the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association (ORPA), the Camp Perry staff and Kathy Williams and her staff at the CMP for their assistance in making this event happen!
Rev. 5/4/09