Rifle Pop-up Match


On November 17, 2007 the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association in conjunction with the Friends of Camp Perry held the Second Annual Modified Record Fire Shoot (aka Snowflake Shoot). With temperatures hovering around 40 degrees and some light rain in the air, we should have called it the "Rain Drop Shoot". 172 shooters braved the cool weather and rain drops to shoot 350 times in 22 relays. This year a new twist was added on the target lanes, black or tan targets. The cloudy, flat contrast conditions of the day made finding those 200 and 300 meter targets a real challenge. Even with the significant increase in the number of shooters, shooting started at 0900 and was completed by 1400 (2PM).
Here's what the black targets looked like from the firing points.
Here's what the tan targets looked like from the firing points. I added the arrows so you could locate them. Can you see that 300 meter target?

Talk about a challenge and half!

One of the shooters gives this target a "wet willy" for luck. From this picture you get an idea of the size of the targets.
Shooters started gathering at 0715 for the 0800 registration. Here's what the registration tent looked like at 0800.
Here's what the registration line looked like at about 0930!
Shooters waiting in the registration line get their safety briefing from the safety officer.
Once registration and the safety briefing were completed, it was time to hit the firing line.
View of high end from range tower
View of low end from range tower
We observed a very diverse array of firearms used by the shooters this year. More shooters were seen challenging the course with bolt guns, but the usual array of service rifles and their variants were generally the case.
Here's one of the Augs in action. Did you get that 40 out of 40?
Here, the "Aug" brothers pose with their Steyr Augs.
AR-15 with support
A lefty Garand shooter
AR-15 with holographic sights
The venerable, classic Enfield
CQB AR-15 with holographic sights
The classic Mauser
Here's our intrepid stick shift shooter from last year seeing a little more bolt gun competiton this year. How'd that single load strategy work for you this year?
Here's one of the lefty ladies exercising her AR that she picked on Commercial Row at the 2006 National Matches.
AKs with and without optics.
Better get that clip loaded, you still have one target standing!
Here's an 8 year old junior shooter shooting a scoped .308 AR. In a few years he's going to be a force to be reckoned with at the Nationals!
Here's an over the shoulder view of a double.
This shooter is exercising his AR that he picked up on Commercial Row at the 2007 National Matches.
Even with all the AR-15s, M1As and everthing in between, there were still quite a few M-1 Garands on the line!
And, more ladies are shooting the match!
Speaking of scores, click here to check them out!
Another pistol pop-up match is scheduled for Spring 2008. This match will be on the pop-up pistol range behind Petrarca. These matches provide single and multiple target engagements at distances ranging from 5 to 31 meters.

Start loading your ammo now and we'll see you in the Spring!

The Friends of Camp Perry would like to extend a thank you to the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association (ORPA), Col. Jim Chisman and his staff at Camp Perry for their assistance, Col. Mike Skomrock of the 200th RED HORSE for logistical support and Kathy Williams and her staff at the CMP in making this event happen!

Rev. 11/18/07