Pistol Pop-up Match


It was Saturday, Easter weekend a bright, sunny sky with temperatures in the upper 40s. 164 shooters from Ohio Michigan Indiana and even Illinois came out nad braved the early morning cold to do battle with those pesky pop up targets. A total of 41 relays were shot. While shooters patiently waited to take their turns on the targets they fueled themselves with hot dogs, hot chili and hot coffee to keep their energy levels high in preparation to shoot. Shooters were waiting to register before 0700! This year another new amenity was added, a tent to get out of the cold. As the day wore on, temperatures rose to a comfortable level. Interestingly, the pop-up shoots appear to becoming a family event! More and more families are coming out to shoot together!
Shooters waiting their turns behind the line.
Some of the shooters waited by the bleachers.
Here are this year's targets, red and blue just like on the rifle range. Some of them looked like they needed some TLC, though.
Here's a Glock shooter starting off the morning.
One of the many Berettas seen on the range.
Low end
High end
Shooters take aim along the line. At least there wasn't any snow like last year!
Here's Aug bro #1 trying his hand with a Beretta.
Since it was family day, Aug bro #1 brought out his Augette, I mean daughter to shoot. She got that target!
She did quite well with a cusotmized 1911.
Here's another customized 1911.
There was the ususal assortment of firearms used. This shooter had his wheel gun ready to go with his speed loaders.
Here's an over the shoulder look at a double header.
Here's our Swiss paratrooper with one of his toys.
Well, we had to do some target repairs.
These guys were still waiting patiently from last fall's rifle match to shoot. Actually, they drove in from Chicago to shoot!
Aug bro #2 tries his hand.
Here's one of the junior shooters trying his hand against the course for the first time.
Nothing like a family outing at Camp Perry! Mom, Dad, and daughter have at it.
This junior lady demonstrates her pistol form.
Get those problems solved with that Combat Commander, Gary?
Let's try this one handed!
Like we said, you can use a .22 on this course.
Got it!
You're sure that's smokeless powder?
Plenty of 1911s this year! How'd you do Roger?
View from the range tower.
The General tries his hand with a Thompson.
Aug Bro#2 tries his hand with an Uzi.
Here's some more wheel guns waiting for use.
And, here's their food.
Some of the shooters wait out of the wind in the tent.
Here's Larry Dan showing off his skills with black powder! Click here to see the movie. Quicktime Player required.
We appreciate your patience during the heavy turnouts for these shoots and thank you for your patience while waiting to register and shoot. It's you the shooters who make these matches successful to help the Friends of Camp Perry succeed in their mission!
Speaking of scores, click here to check them out!
The Friends of Camp Perry would like to extend a thank you to the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association (ORPA), the Camp Perry staff, Col. Dean Brown of CPTS and Col. Mike Skomrock of the 200th RED HORSE for their assistance in making this event happen!
Rev. 4/30/09