Rifle Pop-up Match


The day started cold and cloudy, but did not deter 90+ shooters from coming out to do battle with those pesky pop up targets. With temperatures hovering in the low 20s most of the day, the wind chill drove the temperatures down into the teens. A total of 21 relays were shot (20 plus an extra one for the help!). Shooters again fueled by hot dogs, hot chili and hot coffee kept their energy levels high in preparation to shoot. Even the National Guard staff commented on the dedicated shooters shivering in the cold who were waiting to register at 0700! This year a another amenity was added, the registration and refreshment tents were nicely heated! Our thanks to the RED HORSE for providing the heating equipment!
Again, there was a long of shooters waiting to register!
Registration started at 0800, can I get squadded with my buddy?
This year we had something new, red and blue targets! These targets gave the shooters much better contrast than the targets used last year.
ORPA's Annette Reichman gives the morning safety briefing.
Just to give an example how popular this shoot has become, this Swiss paratrooper came in with his SIG rifle to test his skills. No not all the way from Switzerland, he currently lives in Ohio.
Here our stalwart paratrooper trying his hand with a scoped AR.
Here's view of the high end from the range tower.
Again, we had the usual assortment of rifles, the ubiquitous AK-47.
...in its many flavors.
Bolt guns.
Our junior shooter was back with his AR-10!
Instead of just shooting from prone, some of the shooters decided to challenge the course from other positions...
The general tried it offhand with an AK!
Here, one of the "Aug" brothers (check out the pics from the November '07 pop up match and you'll get the joke) tries an FAL. Get those magazine feeding problems straightened out yet?
Aug bro #2 tries out something different.
This shooter is shooting one of them there new fangled American made Augs!
Here's a junior shooting a suppressed AR.
Another suppressed AR. You know this is Camp Perry, you are supposed to be making noise up here!
Meanwhile, these three were waiting patiently for their relay.
Here's an over the shoulder view of a double.
And yes, as always, the women were having fun too!
Better get that mag loaded before the next target pops up!
Meanwhile, some of the shooters were warming up with chile and hot dogs, while others were checking their scores. How'd you do on that last relay Gary?
Back on the firing line with a CQB AR.
Here's a challenge, shooting an M-1 Garand left handed!
Can you hit the the 300 meter targets shooting offhand?
There were the usual assortment of M14/M1A variants.
A few '03s and 03A3s were spotted on the line.
This was the most interesting color scheme observed at the shoot.
Speaking of scores, click here to check them out!
The Friends of Camp Perry would like to extend a thank you to the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association (ORPA), the Camp Perry staff, the OHARNG, the 200th RED HORSE and Kathy Williams and her staff at the CMP for their assistance in making this event happen! We'll see you on April 11th, 2009 for the pistol pop-up shoot!
Rev. 12/8/08