Rifle Pop-up Match


Snowflake Shoot, What snowflakes?? There probably wasn't a snowflake within 200 miles Saturday! With temperatures peaking out at a balmy 68° with a stiff wind out of the south, it was an absolutely gorgeous day for 130+ shooters to shoot 444 times on 28 relays. We had quite a few new shooters on the line as well as our regulars including the "Capone boys" who drive all the way from Chicago! With the 2 and 3 target program, the relays were running pretty quickly. Several folks shot videos and posted them to YouTube. I'll put up the links that I can find. Our thanks to the 200th RED HORSE for providing the heated registration tent and Kathy Williams and her crew for providing the chile, hot dogs, hot chocolate and hot coffee to keep the shooters fueled!
Interestingly enough, we didn't have a long line of people waiting when we arrived at 0700, I guess folks are realizing that you don't have to be in the registration line at the crack of dawn to shoot 4 or 5 relays!.
The line was pretty constant until about 11 AM when the number of people started tapering off.
We seemed to have quite a few AKs on theline this year. Offhand.
Unscoped and prone.
Unscoped and sitting.
The General decided to exercise his MSAR Aug.
Here's a look over his shoulder trying to engage two targets.
Another shooter with an MSAR Aug and aftermarket scope.
Of course, Aug Bro #2 was in attendance with his Steyr Aug. Unfortuantely, Aug Bro #1 couldn't make the match this year.
As usual, here's the target layout.
With an example of a triple!
Seemed like there were a lot of M14/M1As on the line this year, like this one with a bipod.
Chuck tries his has against the pop-ups for the first time with M1A. Click here to watch him engage the targets offhand.
Shooting lefty.
Better get that fresh mag in quick!
How'd that scope work out for you this year, Gary?
And, the usual raft of AR-15s...
Stock ARs.
Classic ARs.
Custom jobs.
M4 variants.
Juniors with ARs.
Juniors with M4s.
Juniors plotting how to attack the next relay...
Larry Smith signals the tower that the shooters are ready on the line.
My, how they grow up! You probably don't recognize this junior, but he has been shooting with us for several years now. He started out at 8 years old shooting an AR-10 with his grandfather, shown here loading for him. This year he decided to try his hand using a 1903 Springfield bolt gun off a stand.
Better close that bolt quick if you to tke out that triple!
Harvey and Curt discuss their match tactics. in the parking lot.
One of the "Capone Boys" tries out his new AR10. How'd it work for you Steve?
Here's one of Chuck's sons giving it try. Click here to see a video of Kim and the kids shooting.
Aug Bro #2 decided it was time some of his other hardware saw the light of day. Here he's readying his SIG 556.
Geez, did I hit the target?
Something new, a couple of SCARs were spotted on the line.
View from the tower to the low end.
Looking from the tower towards the high end.
Wouldn't be a day at Camp Perry without a stuck round. Yeah, it was a live one!
As always, it was good to see the women out in force giving the guys a run for their money!
Yours truly was finally able to get his fat butt out of the registration tent and spend some quality time with Mr. M1! I need to be able to do more of this!!
Speaking of scores, they're here!
The Friends of Camp Perry would like to extend a thank you to the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association (ORPA), the Camp Perry staff, the OHARNG, the 200th RED HORSE for their assistance, and of course you the shooters, in making this event happen! Monies raised by these events helps us with projects in and around Camp Perry.
Rev. 12/13/11